Clever Communication:

we understand You in a singular way to create value in a plural way.

We are Artisanal

Deep understanding of our customers and their objectives. Each customer for us is really unique with dedicated advisor, customized planning and mailing list and directed follow-up.

We are Specialists

Our work envision to create the best bridge between the customer and the key communication media. We understand about customers needs and particularities as well as the media surroundings to leverage the best results with assertiveness.

We are not Segmented

Communication and PR are our expertises and we are not focused in segments. The full understanding of the processes, the experience and the wide range of relationships allow us to generate results in earned media for every type of customers.

We are Strategic Partners

Value generation and results are our ultimate goal. We facilitate opportunities to customers. We are committed to results.

Image that becomes success.


Our first step is to know the customer, their goals and potential of market insertion, to research better media and together we create our action plan. .svg


With our contacts and relationships with the most diverse media and publishers, we use our expertise and creativity to define the best and most assertive ways to be followed.

Talking point

We bring information to journalists in the most ethical and dynamic way, through electronic means and face-to-face meetings, generating more empathy and real knowledge about the news. We pass to the journalist a confidence through our planning.


All guidelines are accompanied by an advisor to our team. We do a careful analysis about clipping and we point out new avenues to intensify a client’s disclosure, leveraging the results.